Monday, June 6, 2011

Make a mess Monday: Sidewalk Paint

I read this quote and was like "huh, I totally see that with Little Man":
“Interestingly I was talking to a nursery teacher recently who said that a recent study showed that boys in particular are more likely to engage with painting and drawing on larger surfaces. If the experience feels ‘contained’ by a small bit of paper or is ‘fiddly’ in any way they are far less likely to be engaged whereas girls seem to enjoy it”
(source link)

SO when I ran across an easy recipe for Liquid Sidewalk Chalk, I thought the boys and I needed to try it. The whole sidewalk should be a large enough surface to engage the little misters.  I mixed two cups of cornstarch, two cups of water which filled two old muffin tins (we use them in the boys "play kitchen stuff"). Then I got out the food coloring- not sure how old it is or if it really even goes bad. I liked the NEON food colors- they dry very bright. 
Little Man attempted to paint with the turkey baster I brought outside for making a mess. Click thought that was super fun, so he started flinging his paint brush around attempting his best Jackson Pollock painting.
What a mess we made, and a lot of laughs were had with this Liquid Sidewalk Chalk. Two thumbs up- just remember to wear clothes you don't mind getting a little stained. (Nice face, Click!)


rjherron said...

That looks like a TON of fun!!!

Margaret said...

It was super duper fun. I'll totally be making more of paint this summer. I highly recommend the turkey baster or little squirt guns!!

Vuong Family said...

oooh this looks great. I will have to remember this for Jaxon and Kiley! Love your blog and all your fun ideas!

Kjersten said...

That looks soooooo fun. I wanna try!