Monday, June 27, 2011

Make a Mess Monday: Paper Mache

It was a year ago (June 2010) that Little Man and I started this project. We used scissors to cut paper. We made goop with flour and water. Then it was time to Make a Mess Monday. It took us a few weeks of re-gooping and adding more layers to be able to move on to decorating.

Little Man used his scissor to help cut the tissue paper. We used a whole 4 ounce bottle of elmer's glue attaching all this color. After putting a piece of crunched up tissue on our pinata Little Man would clap. It was so awesome how much fun he was having. I think we spent over an hour working on our project one day last August and several Mondays following. His love of all things simple is infectious- I love it!
I'm sharing this now (June 2011) because when we went to our family reunion a couple of weeks ago, we brought it with to break it open. It had been sitting on our back porch this long because Little Man and I wanted more than just us to enjoy it. Thankfully there were plenty of young ones who smiled ear to ear attempting to hit our funky shaped, colorful Pinata. I think the joy was in the stick yielding rather than the candy that spilled from it. It was a joyful event shared by all.

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