Friday, July 1, 2011

DYI Birthday/ Father's day gifts

I wanted to do something special for my husband's mid June birthday. I bought a $7 T-shirt from the store and thought I'd "bedazzle" it. I tried to think of a funny slogan to add a little personality. I thought it over but the best I could do was "if my limbs have no small children attached, then I'm OFF DUTY".
We tag team watching the kids during the day; when I get home from work I jokingly tell him he's off duty till dinner to do his schoolwork and writing. I hope he likes it.  BUT That's not all...

I also found this Postcard Poster idea over on Oh Happy Day Blog. One of my husband's favorite daily activities is getting the mail. In the six years we've been married I think I've only got mail out of the mailbox a hand full of times. I loved the idea of filling the mailbox for him with meaningful well wishes, rather than just bills. The only hard part was convincing him to keep the first couple without letting him know there were more coming. 17 out of the 25 different people were able to send them, including one from a long time friend (that was the biggest surprise to him).
Who would think spending less than fifty cents could put such a smile on a grown man's face?
Thank you to all who sent him birthday wishes, it made his birthday a lot more special.

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Jenny J said...

Loved the idea and so glad you had a great response!