Friday, June 10, 2011

DIY Vintage Lunch Pail

When I found this Bread in a can idea over at Thirty Days Handmade Blog I hadn't even thought about making teacher appreciation gifts. But then I saw this Finger Print Slide idea as well and knew it would be perfect to say thank you to the teachers who left their "print" on my little misters this past year. (The Boys and I attend an Early Childhood and Family Education class from ages birth to five years.)

I used mostly things I had in the house because I was doing it very last minute. Except Wed is recycling, which meant when I was making these Thursday, before Friday's class, I had no tin cans to use. After the family ate two cans of corn and two more cans of sliced potatoes for dinner sides, I had four cans (about 49 cents each). The Pillsbury banana bread mix was already in the pantry and I would have made muffins for breakfast next week, but used it for this project instead (one box filled four tins half way). The metal slides were one dollar at the craft store and the little misters cooperated fairly well to turn out enough usable finger print slides.

After the bread had baked and cooled I decorated the outside with scrap-booking paper scraps. I used my crop-a-dile to punch the holes in the tins for the wire handle and thought it added a little extra, making it look like an old vintage lunch pail. Our can opener cuts around the side instead of through the top, so I was able to reused the lids.I greased the cans very well so when you run a knife around the edge the bread loaf slides right out for easy eating, otherwise just eat right out of the pail. Enjoy!

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Mique said...

Oh my goodness! How cute are those!! I love what you did with this idea. Thanks for linking up too! xo, Mique