Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a mess...

Since Monday I've been trying to figure out how to best photograph all those suspenders. Yesterday I tore apart my living room and brought out my antique wardrobe trunk. One of the only rooms in the house with a bunch of natural light flooding in. Although it only has two real pieces of furniture, they take up most of the space, so I had to dump them into the dining room temporarily.

This is the mess I made... But here's a little peek at the results I captured.

I also took the little misters to the park to get a few shots with models. I actually paid Little Man two quarters for wearing the blue car suspenders. Click is still not talking (he doesn't tell me "no!" yet) and will wear anything so I didn't have to bride him with an extra fifty cent model fee.
Now, I need to edit the rest of the photos. 
This week will be fairly light on crafting time, between photos and playing I have only managed to make a little progress on this cross stitch.

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