Friday, May 6, 2011

Tips and Tricks: selling

I've been reading this series of tips for hand-selling stuff lately and I think my cousin has put together some great advice. I put it into practice this weekend at our multi-family garage sale. I tried to say "hi" to almost everyone who stopped by. I stood more often then not to make myself visible. I straighten and shifted things when I could to make shopping a little more pleasant. When someone seemed interested in something, I tried to honestly tell them why were we selling it and/ or a little of the item's story.

I am by no means a social person. Small talk is an enemy of mine, as I am afraid I'll sound stupid or won't have anything useful to say. But I think we added to sales by stepping out of my comfort zone

One woman bought a hand embroidered (not by me) table runner, not because she had anywhere to put it but because she "loved the story behind it". A Ukrainian couple, while buying a few things, were genuinely pleased to hear me tell them that their homeland was a beautiful country (which I have had  the privileged to visit). A man's kids bought a small trinket they might not have because they were waiting for him to stop talking to my sister and I about schools, the neighborhood and the weather.

I understand my Cousin's tips weren't meant for selling stuff at a garage sale, but when I hear great pieces of advice I like to use them wherever I can.

(In total I brought over three and a half loads of stuff to my sister's for the garage sale. Pictured is the second load and yes I am selling my Room and Board knock off bench, if you're local and interested please email me)

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Kjersten said...

I'm so glad my tips helped you, Margaret! Great to hear it! Thanks for posting the link here, too.

I especially like the bit about the woman buying the table runner because she "loved the story behind it." Things with stories are more valuable than things without, not only to ourselves but to others.

Anyway, thanks for posting.