Friday, May 13, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: success vs failure

(Oops- one day late... Blogger's been down.)
Today our house is going up for auction: foreclosure auction. It's not that we didn't try to keep our house. I could share our whole story, but I still can't explain it away. Foreclosure sounds like one of those failure words with such negativity and dread surrounding it. Its hard to even mention it to people and not see a glimpse of judgment or disappointment in their eyes. I'm an open, honest person and felt like sharing a little more of my story here.

Of course, with the Foreclosure comes a sense of relief and peace. My husband and I have spent the last three years attempting to follow our dreams and raise our family. He wants to be a writer and has actually had a few projects published already, with his first novel in process. I have hopes of inventing the ultimate dream job doing the things I love to do: watching my kids, crafting and blogging (among other things). He's back in school perfecting his craft and I'm starting to gain confidence in myself while branching out. This week I had a "mom story" feature on BloesemKids. (I've been featured elsewhere in blog land, you can check out links under my 'Press' tab). I’ve surprised myself being able to post consistently on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's since January first of this year. It’s given a little structure to my blogging and pushed me creatively. These might seem insignificant but I consider them small successes.

I suppose when it come right down to it, the difference between success and failure is all in your attitude. I’m happy to still have the things that mean the most to me- my friends (my best friend did my hair this week*), my extended family, my two little misters who make me smile, and an amazing husband who pushes me to reach for the stars. Those are the things that this foreclosure process has made me realize are the most precious gifts.  I’ve learned to live without a lot of “stuff” that I never needed in the first place. With a positive outlook I see this as a new beginning. I have no clue what’s going to happen in the next six months, or where we’ll end up living but I do know I have the strength and support to make it work.

We are encouraged with our small successes and in the end Foreclosure does not define us. It's only a part of our story and like many failures/ mistakes has made us stronger while teaching us a few lessons along the way.

*My best friend, Jill, has been doing my hair for a long time now. She started cutting it even before she went to the Aveda Institute for Cosmetology. She’s amazing and since she knows me so well I usually just say “short” or “keep a little length” and she works her magic. I always walk away feeling fantastic about my new do.  Thanks Jill!

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