Monday, May 2, 2011

Make a Mess Monday: stickers

I've decided to share a little more of my personal/ family life here. For the past two years this blog has been almost exclusively a record of my craft projects. But in order to not divide myself in two, I feel like at least sharing a few "craft" activities I share with my Little Misters.
Most days in our home are quite normal, I can assure you: fussing, whining, running and playing. But every once in a while I stop acting out and ask the boys if they'd like to make a mess with me. Usually these messes occur on a Monday, so whenever we really want to get down and dirty I say "It's make a mess Monday". Last week I needed a little time to organize some stuff and needed something to occupy my three year old. I found a pile of stickers my sister gave me last year, that I handed over to Little Man O to use. I taped down a very large sheet of brown paper for him to engulf in stickers and this is him in action. I believe he was there for just over an hour.
(most of these stickers are from my sister's high school days like 10 years ago. 
Notice the Lisa Frank ones?)

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J&M said...

Not that young - 10 years is my college days. And some of these are from my childhood collection from Scholastic book club and birthday gifts. More like 20-25 years ago. :) But thank you for the compliment!