Friday, May 20, 2011

House Tour: Clean & Tidy Bathroom

Some of the projects I do have nothing to do with crafting, but they are a necessary part of daily life. Cleaning... Today I'll be sharing photos of our family bathroom after a good scrub down.

(Yes it is painted orange and the color makes me happy.)

I surface clean here and there when I can but yesterday I dug through the cupboard to get it nice and tidy. I spent about an hour cleaning and organizing. Found a lot of random "stuff" that I threw out cause there really was no point to keep any of it. Got our medicines up to date, anything expired is now gone. I was also doing a little laundry so our lower shelf was easier to sort with some towels in the wash.
{The funny tiled stair thing is the builders attempt to use all possible space. Our bathroom is on the second floor, the slope of the stairs leading to the first floor go underneath this area. After living here 7 years I'm kind of liking it- it's nice to step up on to reach the top shelf.}
Then I pulled out a bunch of make-up that I wasn't sure how old it was. I only really wear make up to weddings, fancy outings and the occasional date night. Most of these items will last me forever! I was able to condense everything beauty related into this one container from IKEA.
There you have it, a little sneak peek into my crazy organizational tendencies 
and my freshly cleaned bathroom.

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