Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls night in: Craft Night

On Saturday I had a Craft Night where I invited a few of my MOPS friends over for a small crafting session. I used to host a craft night about every two or three months but then life got crazy with two young kids running around that I had to put that on hold. But I'm happy to report I think this will be making it's reappearance because I forgot how much FUN it is to have fellow crafters gather. I love seeing what everyone creates!

The first idea about hosting a "Craft Night" came from my husband shortly after we were married. I believe his words were "why don't you invite your friends over to craft and I'll make you guys some food". And it's been something he's willingly done since the very first craft night. He pours over our cookbooks finding yummy foods like our menu from Saturday: this Spinach Artichoke French Bread Pizza, Teriyaki Chicken & Steak Kabobs and this waffle dessert...

Husband didn't really make the waffles I did*, so this recipe was even easier. He toasted the waffles threw the ice cream on top and then topped them with pie filling cherries. So quick, and yummy.
*I actually made the waffles early last week to freeze for quick easy breakfast.  A friend of mine does it and I think it's a brilliant idea. The trick is to cool them on a cooling rack instead of plopping them on a plate, which makes the bottoms all soggy. I just use Bisquick to make my waffles but I added a new ingredient which I was excited about: VANILLA EXTRACT. Okay, so I love cookies- especially the cookie dough- I thought well if the vanilla is yummy in cookies why can't I use it in my waffles. I've tried cinnamon in the batter before and even ginger or nutmeg- all of which are good. But this batch of Vanilla Waffles were fabulous!

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Jen Green said...

Fantastic! I love homemade waffles, and you're right they do toast up really well. Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas!