Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What to wear: Little Misters Easter Outifts

I had these two patterns for a reversible vest and a pair of suspenders from the Little Lizard King I've been meaning to make for awhile now. Early last week I thought- hey I can use the Michael Miller bicycle fabric to make coordinating pieces. Plus they'll match my favorite bike skirt.

I think they are absolutely adorable and was even asked to make a few more pairs of suspenders for my cousin. Apparently she's shopped all over to find little kids suspenders to no avail. Don't be too shocked to see them make an appearance in the shop when I find a little extra time.

I've got a little friendly argument with my husband- does this qualify as "matchy matchy" or am I right in saying "no, we're just coordinating".

What do you think? Its okay, I can handle the truth!


rjherron said...

I would say it is more than coordinating, but not quite matchy matchy:-) I know this doesn't help your argument any.
I think it is adorable and just the right kind of matching - Now J just needs a hat and he can join you:-)

Jenny said...

Totally coordinating. I LOVE that fabric!

Kellie said...

i love, love, love those suspenders!!