Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Nephews Party Invites: a collaborative effort

My twin sister had a fun idea for her son's first Birthday invitation and wanted a little help to get just the right layout. I loved her yellow circles and the long skinny size she chose. After several minutes searching for a fun party font, I started adding text.

She also wanted to show off how he's grown this past year, so I included twelve cute photos from 1 day old to 11 months old. The 12th month she printed 4x6 photos for relatives to display. Once the invites were printed, she used yellow thread in her sewing machine for an extra little detail on a velum sleeve to hold the photo in place.
Loved working with my sister to create such a wonderful party invite.
(I've linked up to Creative Me Monday at the Southern Institute)

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Jenny said...

I love home made invites! These are precious!