Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY: Masking tape Train tracks

I was at a retail store with my little misters wanting to spend a bunch of money I didn't have to get more toys we don't have the space for because they all look so fun. Instead of everything, we only purchased a small blue plastic train car. Once home the packaging was ripped open and we started playing. But a good train needs train tracks to guide it. I found a half a roll of old painters masking tape in the closet and had an Ah Ha moment. Why not make a track using the tape? 

It totally works great and costs less than three dollars. This Do It Yourself project has three added benefits: [1] it can stay in this high traffic area for as long as we feel like, [2] little brothers can't knock it down with Klutzy feet and [3] it's not a parent tripping hazard. Now I feel like using tape of a different color to add roads, rivers and lakes. We can go up staircases, sideways on the walls- wherever our imaginations can take us.
I used less tape by tearing the tape lengthwise in thirds for long skinny pieces.
(I linked up to thirty days handmade)

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rjherron said...

What a GREAT idea!!