Monday, March 7, 2011

Thumbless Toddler Mittens

I had left over yarn from the Hat I knit for my Niece and I've been wanting to make matching mittens for a while now. Finally found a little time last week to make these. My son has a pair from a retail store that I used as a guide. I started at the top of the mitten with six stitches and increased to about 30 stitches for a few inches. I switched from a knit stitch to purl 3, knit 3 for the mitten cuffs for about an inch.

I wanted to make sure these little mittens would be warm enough for below zero temps, so I lined them with two layers yellow flannel. The thumbless mittens fit my both my 1 year old and 3 year old little misters, which made me fairly confident that they will grow with my niece for a couple winters.

To complete the set, I whipped up a i-cord to secure the mittens to her jacket. My Grandma always made these for all our gloves to avoid losing them. Each end of the i-cord attaches to a mitten. The cord goes from one sleeve through the inside body of your coat and down the other sleeve.

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EmeBon said...

She loves them! I put them through the coat so they were just dangling while we were out grocery shopping. She didn't understand they were attached so kept saying "thank you" and tried handing them to me (she says that when she wants to give you something). She did that numerous times, it was so cute! Plus we used them Saturday on our hike and they did well keeping her hands covered and warm. And did I mention she likes putting them on and off... Thanks again!