Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sentimental me: an heirloom story

The night I held my first born in my arms was a wonderful night. He was amazing and my husband next to me had been wonderful the whole day.

I had a surprise for them both that I had hidden in my hospital bag and when the moment was right I told my husband I wanted to give him something special.

I gave him a Citizen Eco drive watch. It requires no batteries, the sun or lamp light will recharge it. Eventually we had it engraved with my sons name, date of birth and the time he was born. My thought was we would keep it a secret and then when he was older this watch would be passed down to him. I'm terribly sentimental and for him to receive a watch that his father has worn (almost daily) will hopefully be an honor. I wish for him all the time in the world to reach for his dreams.

When my second son was born, I unfortunately could not afford the same heirloom. For a year it bothered me, feeling unable to provide a lot of the things I had been able to give my first. But I saved and saved and on his first birthday I was able to surprise my husband a second time. Again, we engraved the watch with my youngest's full name, date and time of birth.

Do you have sentimental heirlooms you've consider
giving to your kids when they're older?

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