Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project Flashback: Our date night scrapbooks

Its been awhile since I've shared a project flashback. 
I love keeping visual memories weather its using blogs to journal or having something more tangible like scrapbooks.
My husband and I are hopeless romantics. I feel overly sentimental by telling you that we have a couple of scrapbooks about the dates/ adventures my husband and I took before we had kids.  To be honest, the idea wasn’t really mine. It started one night when my love surprised me with a book he had been keeping ticket stubs and other things from our dates. When I opened the book there were movie tickets, little poems he wrote and even a bit of journaling about our time spent together. One of the most precious gifts he has ever given me. Then I hurt his feelings by ripping the book apart to turn it into a scrapbook that was archival safe.  I was in need of a project at the time but looking back I probably shouldn’t have.
Thank you to my husband who is quite simply: amazing.
(To handsome: I love that you check in on this blog and read about my crafts even though you see them in person long before they make it up here!)

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