Monday, March 14, 2011

Plenty of Inspiration out there

I find far too many super cute craft projects while surfing the web.When I need something new to work on to unlock my own crafters block, I just open a folder with all my saved links to fun craft ideas and pick one. This weekend while the boys enjoyed twenty four hours with their grandparents (thanks mom & dad!)- I did just that.

The Inspiration: Two years ago a friend of mine posted her version of a memory game. I thought it was a fantastic idea, and she used her own photos to create something very personal for her daughter. Also saved in my special craft folder was this paper and fabric memory game. I've made the gift tags using this method, but didn't think the cards would last long in the hands of my young boys. THEN just yesterday while reading a new blog I found her tutorial for felt memory cards.

Oh boy, I know that's a lot of links but there is plenty of inspiration out there and I can get a little carried away seeing all the things that people come up with. My Interpretation: Without any more ado, here is the memory game I created using a combination of those ideas.

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