Monday, March 21, 2011

Broccoli Ham Ring: a random food post

I found this recipe in an old "taste of home" pile of magazines my husband's grandmother gave us. When I saw the picture it looked so yummy I cut it out to make later. We've made it a couple of times in the last 5 years, but it had been a while. When my husband (who is a fantastic cook) asked me for a few meal ideas I'd like to have, I suggested we make this one again.

The other night we did just that, made a broccoli ham ring. I took a few photos to show you just how delicious and fun to make this was. After eating it we got to thinking about all the other things to try mixing together for the filling. Oh, so good. Next time I think I'll make two rings verses one big one, because we don't own a circular pizza pan.

Personally, I only like flipping through cookbooks with tons of photos. 
Do you need a great photo to try new recipes?

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J&M said...

YUMMY! This looks good! Yep! I need to see pictures, but it still might not motivate me to try new things - I let my hubby experiment as he is more the chief in our fam.
Thanks for sharing - next time can I come over for some? Looks SUPER Yummy!