Monday, February 28, 2011

My Pajama Epiphany

Little Man didn't really want to wear the new Pajama pants, I had to bribe him to see if they even fit or to take a few photos. Then all the sudden I had an Epiphany: they needed matching tops. Little Man is slightly stubborn about such things. I hope I'm not the cause of his "things need to match" phase. But to be able to take away the pj's that are too small, I had to make shirts for the new pants so that hopefully they'll get worn. I picked up three plain white T's and stitched a few fabric squares to coordinate things. I'm so pleased I did cause these look awesome.

In total I spend about $14 for each pant/ shirt set. It didn't save me much money from buying Pj's at the store, but I'm definitely excited with the end result and can't wait to start seeing them around the house.

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shana said...

super cute . . . talented lady!