Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making a great deliverable CD

Those engagement photos I took a couple of weeks ago, I edited them and put them onto a CD. I wanted to make a great first impression with the finished product. I bought a square tin and created a few personalized business cards with their photos on them. They can carry them around like wallet sized photos or give them to others as an example of my work. I printed out a three photo collage to stick on the front of the tin, because I like things "labeled". I found a copyright release form on a photography forum so I could make it look all professional and give the couple the rights to print the photos themselves. I printed the release form on sticker paper so that I could adhere it to the inside of the tin and it wouldn't get lost. Overall I am happy with the finished deliverable CD tin and would be pleased as punch to receive one myself (had I bought photos from a photographer).

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rjherron said...

Very professional looking! Nice job:-)