Monday, February 14, 2011

A few MOPS crafts

I think I've mentioned previously that I committed to be this years Craft Leader for our MOPS (mothers of Preschoolers) group. The last craft we did involved one of my all time favorite things: CHOCOLATE! I found this tutorial over on How does she? Blog. It was a lot of fun and I heard a lot of moms say "this would be fun to do with my kids". Which was exciting for me to hear. All the crafts I chose to do this year could easily be changed to fit different age groups, but are also perfect for creative types who might find multi purpose use out of the craft.
Next up:

 Our next craft will be jewelry display racks following this tutorial on 30 days handmade blog. I already have jewelry display cases made so I changed mine into a key hook. I used this super playful vehicle paper to add a little whimsy. As soon as I put this awesome key hook up, our keys will finally have a resting place near the front door. How exciting?!

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shana said...

I have that paper too and I LOVE it! I'm super bummed that I have to miss MOPS next week, I'm in charge of the conference night dinner for the teachers at our school!
Have fun!