Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabric Flag Banners: Multi color & Holiday

For someone else: 
A mom from my Mother's of Preschools (MOPS) group gave me a bunch of Fabric. I was shocked to see just how much she was giving me, so I offered to make a few things for her in return. First, I made her multi-colored fabric flag banner. I wasn't exactly sure about the colors until I started putting it together. When it was finished, I thought it looked extremely celebratory. I even made a cute little cinch sack to keep it safe when not used. I hope it makes her as happy as it has made me.

Secondly, I am going to make her kids a jingle blanket- but it's still in process. I'll share when it's finished. 
My mother gave me a few of her holiday fabric scraps. After seeing the awesomeness of the multi colored flag banner, I decided I'd make the same kind of thing for myself. I know it's another year till Christmas comes around again, but I think I'll be pleasantly surprised when I find it next year in the Christmas decorations.

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