Friday, February 25, 2011

Bulk supplies, wholesale dreams.

Someone gave me a couple of rolls of the cotton webbing I use for toddler belts. It was VERY generous and I am so grateful. With just one of these bulk webbing rolls I can make about 30 belts. This week I've been able to make about 20 belts of various colors. My Husband has encouraged me to attempt to wholesale these belts locally and I think I finally have the courage (and stock) to try. Wish me luck!


Vuong Family said...

That's awesome! Good luck! I used to sell stuff on consignment at a little gift shop in NE Mpls. It was very intimidating to go in there, but so worth it--brings in a little extra income and really helps build your confidence.

SJK said...

Good luck! I think you will do great!!!