Friday, January 14, 2011

Three new Winter Hats

The other hat I made for my niece was too small- so I made her a new one out of super soft baby alpaca. I found the pattern in the "101 one skein wonders" book, it was called squash baby hat. I modified it to be purl 13, knit 13 - a total of 78 stitches cast on US 7 needles- just to make sure it fit. It fit my one year old and my three year old's head. It even stretched out enough to top my melon head so I'm sure it will grow with her.

I wanted a big chunky hat, but I think I counted too many stitches (104 stitches cast on US 10 needles). I guessed without using a pattern, so overall I'm pretty happy it even looks like a hat.

I received some knit patterns for Christmas, in fact all my presents were knitting related. This pattern was one that I had asked for and wanted to make as soon as I got it opened. I also received this awesome color changing yarn I knew I had to use for this hat. I just need to find a few buttons to finish it right up.
Now that I've made a few hats to get my Winter styling,
would you like a new knit hat?
I'm offering one, maybe two, readers my mad knitting skills. You buy the yarn (you don't have to know anything about yarn weights and such, I  just go for pretty colors and softness) and I will knit you a winter hat, no charge!

{Most craft stores have coupons for 40%- 50% percent off.
Use one and you could buy nice, warm yarn for as little as $3.}


shana said...

I look a bit dorky in most hats, but I have some yarn that I acquired somehow and will probably never use if you want it . . . had forgotten about it until i read this post!

Star Graf Design said...

I'd take it, on condition I could make a hat or scarf for one of your many bigs or littles.