Monday, January 24, 2011

"make a mess Monday" tm

I am working on a series of mini art kits called "make a mess Monday".

I started "make a mess Monday" in my home when Little Man O was around two years old. He was VERY particular about having sticky hands. He wouldn't touch play dough, and all outdoor activity stopped if he had a little dirt on his hands. I hoped that it wasn't my clean freak attitude rubbing off on him, so I decided I needed a time and place to throw all thoughts of clean out the window. It was a time to get down and dirty. That being said, I must confess I do have a old tablecloth we use as a drop cloth for super duper messy activities.

"make a mess Monday" projects have included things such as: Paper Mache, feet painting, outdoor water art, treasure box construction, and even textured felt mosaics.

I save scraps from my craft projects and usually attempt to find them a purpose. Most scraps that are too little to be of much use in anything else wind up becoming Little Man O's to make an art project out of. Now I hope to turn them into art kits for other children to use.

If you'd have asked me before having kids- I would not have thought art was all that important to teach young children. As you might have guessed, I have changed my mind because I see all kinds of positive benefits and impressions our "make a mess Monday" sessions have made on our Little Man O.

Stay tuned for further news on "make a mess Monday"...

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