Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everything needs to be contained

The Little misters received these Boomwackers for Christmas. They're wonderful music tubes but they didn't come with a storage bag. I figured any Yoga mat type bag would do, but I don't own one. I could have probably found one cheap, but it was cold outside and figured I might be able to make one instead. With Materials I had on hand, I stitched up a muslin bag, with a multi-color dot bottom (one of my favorite fabrics, these are my last remnants of).

I some how managed to add a double cinch rope using some old red shoelaces I had. Don't ask me why I had red shoelaces, never have I had an occasion to wear them. Now they're forever a part of this wonderful bag and the boomwackers have been contained. Oh how I love when things find a home.

It would probably be pretty cool to add a shoulder strap in the future, like a yoga mat bag has, but that's a project for another day.

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