Friday, January 28, 2011

Color wheel circle blanket

 I used a white sheet from Ikea for the background. 
Than added a few browns, blues and a touch of green,
including a bit of this "Ann Kelle Urban Zoology Whales" fabric.
 I love bright colors on the stark white to really make them pop.
 The back is a brown and blue striped flannel receiving blanket I had never used for the boys. A lovely soft touch for finish it up quite nicely.
What started out as a jingle blanket in the making, turned into a color wheel circle blanket. I was creating it to put it up for sale but I'm thinking I might keep it to use as a prop to lay a small baby on for photographs. Hmmm... now all I need is a small sleeping baby to pose for me. And that does not mean I'm having any more kids just to practice my photography- two active boys is plenty, thank you very much.


jenny said...

Hi Margaret! Love the quilt, did you create a template for the circles or are they random pieces put together?

Star Graf Design said...

Like most things I make, I was flying by the seat of my pants. Next time I might make a template or do a little math to figure it out the pieces for the circles better, but then again... maybe not. It usually depends on how much crazy is going on around me weather I can think or just have to dive in so I can actually get something done.