Monday, January 3, 2011

Chistmas Thank yous are in the mail

I love saying thank you for things: people who take the time to invite me to a party, a thoughtful gift, if someone graciously lends me something, and the occasional random act of kindness.

For all the gifts the Little misters received I was for sure needing to write a lot of Thank yous. I wanted to make sure to include O in the making/ sending out process, as a teachable moment.

I knew that Little Man O would love to color a quick picture for people, and maybe be convinced to sign an "O" where his name should be. Thus, I created a quick, easy fill in the blank Thank you note to send out. I couldn't help myself with the added humor. "my brother and I have fought over it ____ times". Makes me smile every time, plus it's sooo true.

Hope your Holidays were Fabulous and Joyful!

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