Sunday, December 5, 2010

You'll never know, if you never try

More often than not, I am so excited with a new project idea I jump head first into the process before I remember to think. Which means I make my fair share of blunders and mistakes before I am able to finish. There are times when the joy of figuring out the puzzle out weight the intimidation of starting, even though I might have no clue what I am doing. I thought I'd share a few "mistakes" I've made while in the process of crafting a mostly handmade Christmas.
the Plate: I decided to etch the little misters hand prints on a glass plate because a co-worker of mine gave me a dozen plates for free. I traced the boys hand prints on paper, copied them to vinyl and some how managed to remember my cursive. I etched their prints on the back side of the plate. Well as you might be able to tell from the photo, I forgot to write their names backwards so they'd read correctly from the front. Now I know better for next time.

an Infant hat: A friend borrowed me her double pointed needles to finish the other hat I'd started. I figured since I had them I'd use the needles to make an infant sized hat. Between you and I, double pointed needles are intimidating and weird getting used to. I had a super tough time keeping my stitches tight. It's not the ugliest hat, but there is a noticeable difference in this row of stitches. Oh well, like so many other projects of mine- it was made with love.

I like to keep in mind the saying "you'll never know if you never try". If you do end up trying, you'll probably make a few mistakes along the way. Hopefully you learn from them and continue. I know there's been more than just these two as I practice a few new crafts, but I am only too happy to be trying.

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