Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday: new Bean Bags sets

I had the cash a couple of weeks ago to splurge on a few fun new fabrics that caught my eye. I didn't know exactly what I'd use them for but knew I absolutely wanted them for my fabric stash. While I did already have a few bean bags on my Etsy site that weren't selling, I decided to make more. You can do so much with a little imagination and a couple of bean bags.

I made these two right away. I learned that rick rack is not the best draw string for the cinch sacks, but didn't want to re-do the whole bag on the brown tree set.

Then it was time for the owls to come out to play. When I paired these two owl fabrics together, I knew I was falling in love. How could I part with such a cute set?  Making thing with my hands, spending time creating - I can get pretty emotionally attached to a few of the things I craft. This particular owl bean bag set was really tough to let go, seriously.
All three sets sold at the Winter Bazaar last Thursday evening.

A side note: I started to attach a simple tag with my logo. I used a fabric marker, my logo rubber stamp and a ribbon. Pretty basic but I'm testing out a few other tricks. It'd be nice to send my stuff out with some tie back to me.

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Mormor/Nana & MorFar/Papa said...

I love the owl bean bags. The fabric is adorable and you can do so many different things with the bean bags.