Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tulle Gift Bag Tutorial

I had no idea Tulle was less than a dollar for a yard. With one yard of tulle I was able to make a dozen or so of these gift bags. I use them for packaging some of my Etsy items to make them look nice.
Using my rotary cutter, and straight edge on my cutting mat- I cut the tulle 5 inches by 16 inches- though, you can cut it to whatever size you need. Folding it in half lengthwise I set my machine to zig zag stitch somewhere between 1 and 2 length stitch. (If the stitch is to close together, the tulle will start to bunch and snag.) Stitch the long edges on each side with this zig zag to "finish" the edge.

Fold a short ribbon in half, insert it inside the bag and push it all the way to the edge about 2 inches from the opening. Set the sewing machine to a straight stitch and sew 1/4" from the finished edge. I back stitched over the ribbon a couple of times to secure it.

Now turn the bag inside out, so the finished edges are inside the bag and the ribbon is out. Set your stitch back to the zig zag stitch and circle the top edge to finish your bag.
Fill with whatever you choose and tie shut. 
Now you've got a great new way to dress up your gifts!