Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday: Glass Etched Jars

 I thought these would make great gifts for neighbors or co-workers. I etched the jars using a technique I learned back in high school for Screen Printing T-shirts. It was one of my favorite things, to sit down with an exacto knife and cut out the negative space to create the image outlines. My sister allowed me to use some of her vinyl, which had a sticky back. I printed words or images on the vinyl with my ink jet printer. Of course the ink did not dry, I had to use clear packing tape to cover the ink so I could cut without smudging it. I applied the vinyl to the glass and started cutting. I figured I wasn't going to scratch the glass, not without a diamond cutting blade. I believe it worked out just fine and I made quite a few fun jars and even a flower vase. I made myself smile when I decided to etch "Just add flowers please" to the vase.

I really enjoyed making the snowman jar filled with hot cocoa mix & mini marshmallows. But my favorite finished jar is the "dog treats" jar with the cutest little dog face on one side and a bone opposite. 

Which etched jar is your favorite?


shana said...

i'm not a big fan of animals and don't have a dog, but that jar is adorable . . . i also love the "sweet" one. i might have to steal your hot cocoa idea for a few last minute gifts. so cute.

Star Graf Design said...

Steal away. If you'd like to borrow it, I have a snowman punch and a snowflake punch. I punched the vinyl to make my own stickers to use the technique you showed me. I liked that snowman one the best!

rjherron said...

I like the flower vase one, how does it look when it is filled with water? Can you still read it? My friend Heidi and I want to try etching glass sometime:-)

Star Graf Design said...

Hmmm. I actually don't know what it looks like filled. I figured if it got filled, the writing on the vase worked. I'll have to test it out and get back to you.

If you'd like a mini class in glass etching I'd be happy to show you and Heidi sometime. Maybe one evening after the kids all go to sleep, I'd be willing to come down to you guys.

J&M said...

Idea on filling the vase- a little florist trick- use mylar paper to fill the vase before filling with water or flowers. (mylar paper can be bought at your local florist OR use a left over mylar balloon from the kids parties.) saving mylar balloons come in handy as you can refill with helium or cut and make a vase a little more fancy. As my hubby always says "endless possibilities." for this season you could also fill the vase with cranberries and the worse may show up better against the color in the water. (on the cheap- maybe just add good coloring- but may need to reasearch how that will affect the flowers). Just ideas.