Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Handmade Christmas: Jingle Blanket

I made a jingle Blanket for Click not too long ago and the boys have been having a ball playing together with it. Shortly after I assembled their blanket I decided to make one for my niece for her Christmas gift. Her bedroom is decorated in Owls so I thought this material would be a fantastic match for her taste.

On the back I used a bit of scraps to imitate the tree branches on the front. I love the striped, colored tree the owls are sitting on and thought the scraps came together very nicely to match them.

To finish the blanket and turn it into a Jingle Blanket I had to add the little bells inside. I choose to quilt small leaves to hold the bells in place. I'm quite pleased with the finished project, only a little sad that it's so small and not circular. I just didn't have enough material to make a bigger one. (it's maybe 24"x 36")

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shana said...

SO cute. I love that fabric. Eme will love it!