Monday, November 29, 2010

Paper Circle Crafts

Still working on inventory for the Winter Bazaar coming up next week. I also have to get the MOPS craft ready for our next meeting which happens to be on the same evening. So I'm punching a TON of paper circles of varies sizes. I've gathered three separate crafts that use paper circles. Maybe this is a bit ambitious. Am I trying too hard to get people to enjoy crafting? possibly.
Before the meeting I am attempting to make examples of each end result. This is the one I finished earlier this fall and it has been hanging in the little misters art room (aka our front porch). I used a do it yourself tutorial I found over on this blog.

So tell me, would this be something you'd make or enjoy seeing hung in your home somewhere?

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J&M said...

It made me happy. Those little circles are so fun. The first time i noticed them. Can not wait for you to show me how to do them. I might run out of paper making these for my house. Thanks for posting them and for taking time to help me craft!