Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas on the brain

This weekend I might have been working on my family's Christmas letter layout and design. Secretly, I might also have been listening to Christmas music. Afterwards, I wanted to work on a craft project. What to make without leaving the house for supplies or spending any money... hmmm. My craft cupboard is currently overflowing with completely random things I've collected over the years. I'm trying to use this stuff up before buying more craft items.

I found a few sheets of felt laying around from a previous project and a free giant spool of string I was recently given. Felt, string- I could make one of those decorative banners that I keep seeing on all the craft blogs. I decided to make a smaller version so that when I do decorate for the holidays I could use it as a garland around the tree. I LOVE the colors and the end result. I have all ten feet of it hanging on a window right now, seeing it makes me happy- like everyday should be a party.

I was going to make another fabric flag banner but realized with felt I wouldn't have raw edges unraveling.

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