Friday, October 29, 2010

Saving Bank

 I was able to add the finishing touches to my "give, save, spend" piggy bank this week. We made these at our MOPS group last night, well all we had time for was to etch the three baby food jars. The wood trays and lids were a "take home to decorate at your leisure" kind of craft.  I spent a couple of months saving baby food jars, pealing labels off, scraping glue, and then storing the jars- but it was all worth it when just about every mom- crafters and non-crafters alike all completed a set. Its a lovely reminder of how to use and save our money- at any age.
 The wood tray I used my sons crayola white paint and then sanded most of it off. I was going to stain it but couldn't find any stain in the house, so I used what was on hand. The paper I dug out of my paper stash, glued it on with elmers white glue and then everything was sealed with a bit of craft sealer to add a bit of gloss.

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shana said...

thanks for the fun craft! those are fabulous pictures too!