Sunday, October 31, 2010

Project Flashback: Halloween Mask

Each year my boss comes up with a new way to celebrate Halloween. Last year it was a mask contest. The point was to not spend any money, but to recycle, re-use and/ or re-purpose things already laying around your house. Three Prizes would be rewarded for best use of recycled materials, scariest mask and overall best design. I knew I could make something but needed an idea to get started. All I could come up with was Mr. Potato Head. I started looking for objects that could best be recycled into a mask and used quite a few items to make it all come together. I attempted to make it "scary" (I don't think Mr. Potato head can really get frightening) by giving him a Frankenstein mask as well. I believe I won a runners up door prize, but the goal was to have fun and enjoy.
Happy Halloween everyone!

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