Friday, September 10, 2010

Road trip game

My husband and I play a little game when we go on road trips. Just something silly we made up a couple of years ago. But we needed a guide book, to keep things a little more consistent, point wise. A rule book that made playing the game a bit more fair.

I finally had time today to put something together. I really like it! It's already in the glove box of our car. I wish I had an ounce of drawing talent- then I'd add pictures of the different animals.

I'm pondering making a PDF of our animal road trip game to sell on my Etsy site. Something cheap people could print out whenever they had a road trip to take. Is that a stupid idea?

1 comment:

shana said...

looks like you hunted down smiley monster . . . isn't it fun? you should totally try and list a PDF, you wouldn't be out anything, right? go for it!
thanks for coming over yesterday. happy etching!