Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm knitting again

After almost a year...

 I decided to break out my knitting again after I saw this fun cowl with a twist. I ran right out and bought a new US 10- 16 inch circular needle to use with my new yarn. The Yarn is "Lily sugar n cream twists" and cost about $2.50 at the big box fabric store. It's super soft, and should feel pretty nice around my sensitive skin.

I've never made anything that wasn't straight- seems to be going smoothly so far. It's nice to be knitting again- I find it very relaxing. Knitting is one craft I can do while still interacting with the boys. 

I also had left over brown merino wool from The little Misters blankets. I used it to cast on one row for contrast.

With the last yards of brown I think I'll make a skinny kids scarf for Little Man O. I started it before starting my cowl to practice, my needles and knitting technique were a bit rusty. The scarf should make a nice christmas gift.

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