Sunday, September 19, 2010

"I am Born" onesie

A friend will soon be welcoming her first child. I love reading, especially the classics and remembered last time we chatted that she also enjoyed the same.

One of my all time favorite authors is Charles Dickens. I saw this shirt the other day and thought what a  perfect idea for a newborn onesie. Since I couldn't afford the one online- I decided to make my own. I had all the supplies on hand. I broke out the printer and iron to heat transfer the excerpt onto the itty bitty outift.  Look how tiny the newborn onesie is.

I hope she'll love it, if not maybe she'll lie and say she does to make me feel better.

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shana said...

so cute . . . now I need YOU to teach me how to do that. i would love to make a shirt for kirb for his birthday that says dad 6 (with the 6 as in "to the 6th power" up above the dad -- can't make it do that superscript stuff in the comments). i'm sure it's probably not too tough, but it's new to me and i don't know how!