Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dish towel

My first project as MOPS craft leader was a twist on this idea. Rather than use t-shirts, it was suggested by a friend to use the technique on dish towels.

Not very experienced in tie die tips/ tricks, I practised quite a bit to see colors together and patterns I liked. Finally put these circles randomly on my "example" towel. Honestly, I was not loving it. I grabbed the black sharpie, figured I couldn't make it worse. Adding the black spirals made it a bit more enjoyable.

We purchased a bunch of IKEA dish towels for less than a buck each, (since our craft budget is $3 a person.) I think its a fun idea- not quite my cup of tea but it works with the budget. Plus who couldn't use an extra dish towel?

1 comment:

shana said...

you did great! i think people really liked it.