Sunday, August 29, 2010

Story Quilt

My Mother hosted a baby shower a couple weeks ago. All of the guests were asked to write out words of wisdom for the mom-to-be on fabric using fabric markers. These squares would eventually be sewn together to make a quilt for the baby. It would be a daily reminder that others were thinking about and loving the little darling- what a story to tell their baby. 

The Shower theme was jungle animals and I had quilt squares I made but had never put to use. (remember these?) I donated them and my time to put the quilt together, so the parents would have it before the baby was born. We used other material from my stash to use for backing and binding. I quickly assembled it last thursday while Grandma and Little Man O were playing together. I didn't remember to get the finished dimensions before handing it off but it's about the size of a large receiving blanket.

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shana said...

great work, it turned out really cute . . . and i saw my handwriting in there! so nice of you to help put it all together.