Monday, August 2, 2010

a new challenge

I've accepted the responsibility of gathering craft projects and stepped into the roll of craft leader for my MOPS group. It's a little bit intimidating because I need to find several crafts that appeal to crafters and non crafters alike. As a craft lover myself, if I'm not currently working on a project I'm usually thinking about what my next project will be. So-I'm working on a list of ideas, attempting to make sure they'll be on budget ($3 a person- eek) and trying to get my thoughts organized.

A little sneak peak at a few things I'm researching. I'm getting excited because I think they're simple, yet sophisticated. Easy but in depth. I believe they are crafts that can be repeated several times for gifts, or projects with your kids, or just for fun.

I need seven GREAT crafts... my list needs a tiny bit of tweaking before I'll be happy with it.
I'm getting closer! That said, our last craft leader came up with some super fun ideas herself- so I have big shoes to fill.

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