Thursday, August 19, 2010

my first Etsy sale

Oh My Goodness. Oh my Goodness.
my first sale on Etsy. It happened last night and I've got to say- I almost couldn't sleep. How weird is it that I started an online shop and never figured or planned on actually selling anything. Sure I thought it would be nice if someone liked what I make, but I wasn't holding my breathe. I wanted to have wonderful packaging/ marketing stuff all ready to go out with product, yet never got around to it. Fortunately, I work pretty good on a deadline. I printed a card to send a handwritten thank you note. Return address labels turned out simple, I like them but there's always room for improvement.

With a little help from my Husband this will go out tomorrow and I can mark it SHIPPED. It's on its way to Canada. Should I really be feeling this nervous about parting with my first Etsy sale?


rjherron said...

OHHH how exciting!! Congratulations!!

shana said...

how fun and exciting . . . congrats!