Saturday, July 3, 2010

Paper Fortune Cookies

I saw this tutorial for paper fortune cookies a long time ago. I saved it thinking it would be fun to try sometime. As I was looking through my saved craft ideas I stumbled upon it once again.

For my twin sister's birthday present she wanted a great "date night" idea. Something that her husband would enjoy taking her out on the town to do. To put together the date activities into a fun presentation for her gift, I thought the fortune cookies would work nicely. I printed out the "fortunes" on white copy paper, which were really the date night suggestions for a evening of fun.

I had the green papers. I cut them into circles and assembled. The box I bought from a craft store for $1.30. The "cookies" are really quite fun to make and simple enough for those who might feel they have no crafting abilities. This would be fun to dress up the all too common retail store gift cards, make coupons for loved ones, rainy day family activity drawing...
the ideas are endless.

Happy Birthday-Bon app├ętit

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shana said...

so cute, Margaret . . . 3 more days and you two will be another year older. we'll be out of town, but have a great birthday. (what are you now? 31? i can't remember, but that sounds right. i think you are a year younger than luke and he'll be 32 on the 24th).
anyway, happy, happy birthday to you (and michelle!)