Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Custom Order

I was asked to create custom curtains for a co-worker's childrens room. She wanted something to match her jungle animal theme, but simple enough to adapt in other decors when the jungle theme has been out grown. She gave me some old IKEA brown curtains to up-cycle for these curtains.

A few design options were offered and my favorite was chosen: an abstract grass design out of Robert Kaufman pistachio striped fabric. I loved working out the angle of the stripes to add movement, and the simple white stripe to finish the bottom edge of the grass.

Because the curtains will be in the children's room, I designed a Velcro attachment. This way there's no need to fear a curtain rod being pulled down on a little one's head. There's an oak dowel in the bottom seam edge. I added a button hole so the dowel can be taken out when the curtain is washed. The curtains roll up and have ties that Velcro up to the valence.

Each curtain's finished dimension is 35"x46 1/2" with a small valence included. I'm very excited to see these in their new home and am pleased as punch to give them to my co-worker.

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