Wednesday, June 23, 2010

little man's favorite toy

My Little Man O LOVES this Bunny. They play together, talk for hours and sleep all cuddled up. But poor Bunny is starting to fall apart. O is putting his fingers into these holes and making them even bigger.

In an attempt to prolong Bunny's life expectancy, I was going to create a shirt to cover the injuries. That sounded like a little too much work till I stumbled on an old shirt. I cut off the sleeve and measured to make sure there were enough holes for legs, arms and a tail.

Now Bunny's got a new shirt and he's ready for any back to the 80's flash dance party he might eventually be invited too with this extra wide neck turtleneck top.

(I was shocked and impressed to find out that O has left Bunny's "new shirt" on since I made it. We tried preemie PJ's but O would throw a fit and demand we take them off.)

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