Friday, June 4, 2010

Going Global

It's official: I have an Etsy site. Etsy is a place to buy & sell all things handmade.

I'm having a Online shop launch party here on my blog.

I need your help to spread the word. If you do one of the following I'll enter you into a drawing to win one of my creations. If you choose to do more than just one of these options I'll enter you multiple times. On Wednesday June 16th (my husband's birthday), I'll randomly select a winner.

1-Leave a comment here telling me what item(s) in my shop you love most.

2-email friends with my blog link or Etsy shop. Copy me on the email as proof. I won't use any one's email for anything other than entering you for this drawing. I promise to delete their information promptly after you're entered.

3-If you have a blog, link back here or to my Etsy shop and you will be entered. (if you choose to highlight your favorite item I've made in a post, email me a link to that post.)

4-Etsy users- put something of mine in your favorites (that is if you truly like one of my items).

Thank you to everyone for your encouragements and support. I want to especially thank my loving supportive husband for his praise and patience of my crafting. Also my younger sister for the polished look she's added to my work.


shana said...

I like the polka dot backpack . . . so cute! (but they all are cute!)
way to go margaret!

shana said...

i put my favorite backpack in my etsy favorites . . . and I "hearted" you while i was at it!
best of luck!

Mormor/Nana & MorFar/Papa said...

I put your link on my facebook status and found out that Auntie Connie had already been there and loved it.

I also put the link on my blog too as one of my favorite craft etsy sites.

I love the floral red dot backpack. But then I am with Shana -- they are all adorable.


J&M said...

It is VERY hard to Deside!
I like the Grey Backpack. But also I love your greeting cards. Pretty lucky when I recieve one of them.
I have a link on my blog to this site and your etsy site. I will work on the email tomorrow if my little man allows me to.
SO proud of you Marge - the site looks awesome! I know you have worked hard and I hope you feel your work pays off! Congrats! Love you TONS!

Amy said...

Your beanbag games are awesome! But I think the reversible backpacks are the best idea ever. Bella was just saying she wanted a backpack! Maybe I'll let her pick one out!! Best of luck with your Etsy shop!!!!!!!

Nellie said...

They're all so cute! I love your cards (always have). And those lil backpacks! I am passing on the word to all my friends out here in CT(and some back in MN).

P.S. Hugs to the little men :)