Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the bug material

I bought this bug material way back when.
I used it to create this T-shirt for my cousin's son.

It's "Alexander Henry Inky Wings Bug Splat" Fabric. It definitely needed to be used sparingly, one because I only have a quarter of a yard. And two, because I didn't want to be wrapped in something that makes me feel creepy crawly.


I started making the toddler backpacks and this one pretty much made itself.
When it was finished I just couldn't sell it. I love it so very much. I decided to sell the grey backpack that I had originally made for Little Man O and give him the Bug Bag instead.
Side note: I found that the tree in my backyard, though not terribly pretty, works really well for product photos. It's got a lovely 'Y' shape that the bags sit in wonderfully.
*You still have till Wednesday evening to enter my "Going Global" drawing.

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