Friday, June 4, 2010

Bag strap progression

I went through a bit of an evolution with the toddler back pack straps trying to figure out which might be the best solution. My first thought was to use two metal d-rings on the grey backpack. The d-rings are a bit heavy for such a small backpack and the material doesn't hold in place as nicely as I would have liked.
Then I found black plastic slip-lock buckles. I thought they worked really nice and they are very light weight. I looped the straps of the floral bag around and through. I wasn't exactly satisfied with the ends, it didn't have a super nice finished look to them.
Finially, I thought I'd add a little extra piece of material. I think I might stick with this solution for the time being. I believe it holds together nicely and has a bit of simple finish to it.

1 comment:

rjherron said...

Very Cute!! I love the red floral one.